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2013-2015 SABA-SD President Srinivas Hanumandass (Vas) seeks your help in recruiting diverse mock trial judges.  Please read his e-mail request below and sign up if you are available!


I write on behalf of the American Association of Justice (AAJ) Student Trial Advocacy Competition (STAC) committee. STAC as you may know is one of the premier trial advocacy competitions in the country, and the winning team members are awarded a scholarship and invited to join AAJ at its annual convention in July.  The AAJ STAC Southwest Regional tournament is March 10-13.  STAC judging will be virtual with a simplified platform, tech assistance, and online scoring!

We are seeking 165 volunteer judges for the Southwest Regional Tournament.  Please sign up here:

Feel free to share with anyone who you may believe may be interested in judging.

Please note, we are seeking Judicial Officers for the Regional Semi-Finals and Finals so please try and sign up first for a preliminary round if you are able to do so.

If you have any questions or problems signing up, please email and copy me at

Thank you so much in advance for your help and commitment to the future trial stars of America.