The South Asian Bar Association of San Diego (“SABA-SD”) is a San Diego-based nonprofit organization that includes legal professionals of South Asian-American descent as well as those interested in the issues affecting South Asian-Americans in the community.

SABA-SD strives to promote the professional and academic development of its members; increase the opportunities for South Asian-American legal professionals to participate in and lead civic and public affairs; support efforts to increase diversity in the legal profession; raise the community’s awareness of relevant legal issues affecting the interests South Asian-Americans; support public interest associations providing pro bono legal services and other grassroots community organizations serving the South Asian-American community; and serve as a resource and an advocate for both South Asian-American legal professionals and the South Asian-American community.

South Asian Bar Association of San Diego


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7/27: Wellness Retreat

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27 July 2024 9:30 am - 3:30 pm


textile Afghan Outreach Project

Since August 2021, more than 75,000 Afghans fled the Taliban and resettled in the United States. Among these refugees are several judges and lawyers.

In 2022, SABA San Diego launched an Afghan Outreach Project designed to support these individuals in their efforts to make connections and find employment. In contrast to scholarship and fellowship projects that are currently being developed by other groups, we are focused on securing entry-level legal sector positions to provide a starting point for refugee-lawyers.