SABA-SD is dedicated to promoting the interests of the South Asian community within the legal fabric of the community at large. SABA-SD will consider candidates for the following positions: a) State and federal judiciary; b) Non-partisan, appointed positions in local, state, or federal government; c) Bar association officers at the local, state, and national levels.

SABA-SD does not endorse candidates in partisan elections for political office due to its nonpartisan status as a bar association.


The following factors shall be a guide in evaluating candidates seeking SABA-SD’s endorsement. These factors are neither mandatory nor exclusive, and the Scholarship & Endorsement Committee (“Endorsement Committee”) will use its discretion in applying and weighing the demonstration of these factors:

  1. Professional qualifications, including: a) Qualifications for the position sought; b) Experience; c) Integrity; d) Reputation; e) Temperament; and f) Scholarship, published writings and comments, public statements, and other professional experience.
  2. Personal traits appropriate to the position, including interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills.
  3. Commitment to the rights of, or to the advancement of persons and issues relevant to, the South Asian community in the United States.
  4. The likelihood of future involvement with the South Asian community.
  5. Commitment to the rights of, or to the advancement of, other underrepresented communities.
  6. Any civic engagement with the San Diego community, legal and otherwise.
  1. Ability to add diversity to the position for which the candidate seeks endorsement.
  2. The opinions and assessments of those individuals, known to the SABA Board, that currently serve or have served as opposing counsel, co-counsel, co-workers, or direct supervisors to the candidate.
  3. Particular subject matter expertise in an area of the law duly relevant to the position for which the candidate seeks endorsement.
  4. A history of pro bono work or other help serving the disadvantaged communities of San Diego or any duties discharged to serve that end.
  5. The candidate’s particular interest in serving at the position for which the candidate seeks endorsement, and the reasons for seeking appointment now.
  6. The candidate’s personal background, story and experiences.
  7. Membership in any organization, political or otherwise.


To be considered for endorsement, the candidate shall provide: (1) a written request (an email would suffice) identifying the appointment or position sought, the request should be sent to the Endorsement Committee Chairperson(s); (2) a resume or curriculum vitae; and (3) a list of at least three references. The Endorsement Committee may request additional materials.


The Endorsement Committee may conduct personal interviews of all candidates for endorsement, whenever possible. If a face-to-face interview is not possible, the Committee may permit a telephonic interview, electronic interview or written questionnaire.


All internal deliberations regarding a candidate’s application for endorsement shall remain confidential and shall not be disclosed.


SABA-SD reserves all rights to disclose its endorsement of any particular candidate to the public. SABA-SD also reserves the right to decline any inquiry made from a member of the public, news/media, or the candidate him/herself about an endorsement.